Quiet week….and weekend

Hi there working very hard.  Husband sick with his throat….had some sunny days over weekend but didn’t do much except work because my husband was sick and we thougth rest would be best for him….. anyway, hope to give you more beautiful images soon….. I have some images of the work I am busy with….. it is tiring I love it but it is difficult…..


Mothersday weekend…..

Hi, please remember if you “mouse over” the images you will see the title or explanation.

I celebrate the SA mothersday….. the UK one is much earlier in the year…. (don’t know why).  However it was another brilliant weekend….no rain, yesterday the skies were clear and today as well…. apparently the whole week will be sunny skies…. (jippiee).
I was woken by a wonderful breakfast of homebaked pastries and my favourite lemon yoghurt… and coffee.  Flowers and an amazing chat on SKYPE from the children and an adorable card (bought on their behalf) and a bunch of white roses from Dries…. I feel loved.

We went to Manchester for a guided tour on Saturday…. it was a bit rushed because I did not have more change for the parking meter and we had to rush back but although I do like the old city with its own history and quirks I like it much better here in the countryside where I feel I can breathe….

The city was built on the sweat of the workers, and the industrial revolution did its bit to make the city explode from a small town to a big city…. there are several art galleries and the Manchester university is holder of 20+ Nobel awards…. so, it is not to be sneezed at.  We were very glad to take the smaller lanes home and both decided it is wonderful that we don’t have to stay in the city.

Yesterday on Mother’s day we went to a lock-side pub in Middlewich with friends…. They showed us this next to the water haven and the husband had his birthday so we had lunch and a 5km walk up the canal and back…. (and a lovely coffee at the turning point at Kings’ Lock).

The lock inhabitants are different people….. it seems a wonderful experience but I wouldn’t like to live on a boat in winter ….. nope.  Definitely not.  Starting my 3rd painting…. had a bit of problems with the canvas but think I sorted it now after lots of reading etc.  Thank goodness for the INTERNET…. with all the info you might need.  HOPE you enjoy the images…. I certainly enjoyed taking them.


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